About Us

Gert & Jackie Harmse bought Grietjie 65 in May of 1994, there was no water or electricity and only three small stone buildings without glass windows pane’s.

I was mortified, but my husband, Gert said that he could build us a beautiful home as we had the most amazing view, which made up everything.

Grietjie at that stage consisted of 100 plots with fences between each of the plots with very little wildlife. 

After many months of living without water and electricity we finally got the borehole working only to realize that it did not have much water. Electricity was provided by Eskom in October 1994.

We have had to work extremely hard to build our property up to where it is today, we have been building and renovating every year since 1994.

Our property is serviced by a borehole, so please take care not to leave any taps running unnecessarily. We also have an emergency generator which will provide power should the  Eskom power go off, it usually takes a few seconds for the generator to kick in.

We Trust you will enjoy your stay with us and experience the beauty the area has to offer.

Gert & Jackie Harmse - Modjadji Estate